Design Thinking Training

Design Thinking Training
Staff Training for the Museo Egizio of Turin
Design Thinking Training



Museo Egizio of Turin



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The Museo Egizio of Turin is the second largest Egyptian Museum in the world and one of the most important and visited in Italy. Renovated and relaunched in 2015, the Museum is having a remarkable success and its visitor numbers are booming. The Museum felt the need to train its staff in order to build on their success to make it sustainable and long-lasting. In November 2016 the Museum made a call for training proposals from a number of selected companies.

InvisibleStudio won the bid with a daring and innovative proposal: making the Museum reshape its working processes using Design Thinking to connect the staff to the audience and strengthen the teamwork among all departments.


Design Thinking is a working method based on a human-centred approach, radical interdisciplinary teamwork, empathy techniques, fast prototyping and user testing. Developed at the d.School at Stanford University and championed by world class design agencies like IDEO and Frog, Design Thinking is bringing new energy to organisations worldwide, stimulating innovative ideas, fostering new relationships between colleagues and enhancing the connection with the customers. Being certified with IDEO on Design Thinking method, and drawing on more than 20 years of experience in CX/UX (Customer Experience / User Experience) pivotal for a successful Design Thinking approach, InvisibleStudio proposed the Museo Egizio to be the first museum in Italy to adopt it as a working process.

We went even further and invited the museum to be one of the first in the world to involve the entire staff of 40 in the Design Thinking Training, instead of training only a small number of participants as it usually happens. This way, the Museum can make the most of the creative energy hidden in all its employees, from curators to communication department, to administration and services. Moreover, the staff can apply empathy techniques to focus on the relationship with the visitor, increasingly important for museum survival in our age of ever-shrinking public funding. To emphasise this point we invited Peter Samis of San Francisco MOMA, a respected international museum expertfor a talk at the Museum, to give a fresh perspective on how museums are shifting their focus from collections to visitors. Design Thinking process can help this transformation into a Visitor-Centred Museum, a necessary change of point of view for museums to face XXI-century challenges.



The project started in May 2017 and was completed in October 2017. It is articulated in various Design Sprints of 5 days each, during which interdisciplinary teams learnt Design Thinking and applied it to solve real museum problems, finding new and exciting ideas. The Museum management was very happy with the outcome and asked us for further training in 2018. You can find more info on our project here


  • "The Museo Egizio that we are committed to build is a lively and dynamic place that emphasises teamwork through exchange and interaction with the public, which is our greatest and inexhaustible resource. We have chosen to challenge ourselves with the method of Design Thinking because it offers a practical approach, able to involve the most diverse skills, bringing them onto a ground of creativity that is sometimes unexpressed. With Design Thinking we have developed projects strongly anchored to visitors' needs and we have improved or rethought possible solutions. The training days with InvisibleStudio have questioned our patterns and our habits: when this happens and when we are challenged to rethink ourselves, the first important goal has been reached."

    C.Greco - Director, Museo Egizio


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