• Stefania Boiano
    Co-Founder / Creative Director

    Stefania co-founded InvisibleStudio in 2007 to put an emphasis on the human-centred aspect of the projects she was working on and to design friendly experiences, both digital and real, for everybody, especially for those in the cultural field.

    As Design and Creative Director she leads projects through the Design Thinking process to better understand people’s needs, reveal insights, and find innovative solutions. Stefania strength is, indeed, to put herself in people’s shoes, be empathic and observe how people interact between each other and with the surrounding environment. This aspect inspires her to imagine alternative solutions to everyday problems to make people’s life easier and more enjoyable.

    Starting from a strong background in Arts and Humanities, she delved in 2000 into Design Usability with Jacob Nielsen’s approach widening later on her horizon with IDEO’s Design Thinking methodology.

    Before founding InvisibleStudio, Stefania has been working as Senior Visual Designer & Quality Assurance Leader for Nature Publishing Group on winner of the prestigious Webby Award, as well as UX&UI Designer for the award-winning and for Nature Network London and Boston hubs.

    Before moving to London in 2004, Stefania worked in Italy as Web Design Manager for the Science Centre Città della Scienza (Naples) and the National Science Museum Leonardo da Vinci (Milan) and in Spain as education officer at Fundaciò Mirò (Barcelona).

    Her passion for sharing her knowledge brings her to regularly lecturing in universities internationally and writing papers.

    Her designs have been featured on several web design books.

Stefania is also a painter and humanitarian photographer. Her personal projects can be found on

  • Giuliano Gaia
    Co-Founder / Account Manager

    Coming from philosophical studies. Giuliano’s passion has always been to find connections and build bridges between different worlds: digital communication and museums, art and science, non profits and marketing, commercial companies and culture.

    Working at InvisibleStudio offers Giuliano the possibility to fully develop his passion working on a wide range of projects, from designing cultural events for corporate companies to creating experimental digital projects for museums, from promoting cultural tourism to documenting NGO’s field work.

    As account manager, Giuliano brings the customer’s needs on the table, while Stefania is the End User advocate; the dynamic relation between the two approaches ensures the best and more balanced results.

    Before InvisibleStudio, Giuliano has always been working on digital communication for culture. His passion for the subject dates back to the University years, where in 1994-1995 he wrote one of the first Italian sociological studies on the Internet, analysing the Californian Virtual Community “The WELL” .

    During his articulated professional career he worked in environmental organisations, digital agencies, science museums, art museums and universities across Europe and USA, always exploring new ideas and possible innovations, such as building the first website for WWF Italy, founding the New Media Department in the Science Museum of Milan and creating Virtual Leonardo, an online 3D interactive world that anticipated Second Life and was mentioned on the New York Times.

    Giuliano shares with Stefania the passion for teaching. He is adjunct professor of digital communication for the arts at IULM University in Milan and an appreciated lecturer at postgraduate masters and professional conferences such as Museums and the Web USA, Musei Emotivi, Arteq and DNA. He is also been writing papers and books on cultural communication subjects.
    You can find more details on his Linkedin Profile.



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